National Museum of the Grand CanalImmersive cultural education
Located in the city of Yangzhou, the National Museum of the Grand Canal covers an area of 16,000 square meters and will be the most comprehensive exhibition of the culture of China’s Grand Canal. Building on Xenario’s proven competence of turning fantastic ideas into reality, our winning design will integrate unconventional exhibition formats, like role-play games or large scale realtime rendered immersive experiences, using modern technology to bring ancient stories to life.The National Museum of the Grand Canal will become a truly audience-centered museum. They will be immersed in an animated ancient scroll, experience the mysteries of the canal in a role-based game and enter a gigantic, projection-mapped and interactive media environment telling a thousand years long story of a culture flourishing along this ingeniously created water artery.We update the format of traditional museums and offer the world a new introduction to Chinese civilization.