Shanghai Planetarium MuseumTraveling the Universe
In an international competition over a period of several months, Xenario has prevailed over well-known design firms like Ralph Appelbaum Associates or Houghton Kneale Design Ltd. to win the overall planning and design services for the Shanghai Planetarium Museum. This ambitious project will be the largest astronomical museum in the world, and it is also on the top of the list of major municipal projects of the city of Shanghai. The total construction area of this novel science center is 38,164 square meters, with an exhibition area of 12,600 square meters. With an innovative design approach of bold immersive spaces and imaginative experiences, Xenario has driven exhibition design to new limits, all while fully integrating the exhibitions with the opportunities of the architecture of the building (designed by ENNEAD). Xenario has hired numerous international talents to achieve this goal, including the famous designer Tucker Viemeister and the renowned astrophysicist James Sweitzer. During the initial phase of design Xenario has also collaborated with the New York architecture and design firm LHSA+DP.