Shanghai Children's MuseumGeneral Concept and Production
Here, we undertook a complete make-over, turning a forgotten stock of collectibles into an engaging and well-visited museum for children. We created a tightly knit storyline that linked all eight sections together into one continuos adventure, thinking every space as an immersive and interactive experience. Guided by the principle of "Play-and-Learn" we payed great attention to satisfy the very different expectations of children ranging from 4 to 14 years. To further connect to our young visitors, we created a cartoonish mascot, who inspirits every aspect of the exhibition. This beloved little character has given life to a series of extension products which now do not only create extra revenue, but successfully extend the influence of the museum beyond its walls. We pride ourselves that this museum today has a disproportionate high number of returning visitors… many coming back for their tenth time!